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Protecting and Maintaining Your Child's Teeth

Did you know that some children develop cavities before they reach kindergarten? Thankfully, you can raise your children with clean, healthy mouths by instilling in them good practices and routines when they are young.

Teaching your children the importance of brushing their teeth and going to the dentist will benefit them for the rest of their lives — not only with healthy teeth, but also for their overall health.

Brushing Their Teeth

The first step to better dental hygiene for your child happens at home. When your child’s very first baby teeth start showing, you should begin cleaning. At first, don’t use a toothbrush — simply use a moistened piece of gauze to gently remove any plaque. As more teeth start appearing, talk with your dentist about using a small, soft-bristled brush and children’s toothpaste.

When you feel your child is ready to begin brushing on their own, watch them the first few times to make sure they brush thoroughly. Every child learns differently, so if they don’t do a good job you may want to keep helping them as they learn. Try brushing and flossing your teeth with each other, so they can watch and learn from you.

Find a Good Dentist

The next vital step should be to find a kid-friendly, family dentist. If your child has good experiences at the dentist at a young age, they will be far less likely to develop a phobia of going to the dentist.

In addition to creating a fun, safe environment for children, a kid-friendly family dentist will have plenty of toys in their office and have the proper equipment for handling pint-sized patients.

While most children first visit the dentist between the ages of two and five, parents can actually begin taking their children to the dentist when they reach the age of one. A good dentist not only cleans your child’s teeth, but also provides you with information and advice to keep your child’s mouth healthy.

If you have questions about the proper way to care for your children’s teeth, contact the caring family dentists at Great Lakes Dental Care today or call or text us directly at 616.784.6300.